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Recent trends in content production and new narratives.

Recent trends in content production and new narratives

The new narratives cover a wide spectrum in the field of media content production. It is an open field for various lines of research, which include information, entertainment and new technological possibilities. For this thematic block, questions related to strategies and emerging trends in the production (textual, audiovisual and online) of journalistic content are raised.

As a result of the appearance of new information models, such as the cultural video game industry, mobile journalism or contemporary audiovisual fiction, a debate is proposed around the rise of these trends. Due to its importance in recent decades and now with a different scenario after the Covid-19 crisis, a new avenue of study is being opened on advances in forms of production in the digital age and in journalism, such as formats innovators of textual and audiovisual journalistic production, transmedia stories or data analysis. All this without neglecting market trends and ethical and deontological issues that these new modes of production entail.


  • Innovation formats in textual, audiovisual and online journalistic production.
  • The video game industry and virtual leisure: challenges for involvement and development in the digital age.
  • Mobile and immersive journalism: new stories and digital formulas.
  • The ‘new television’: multiscreen, streaming and other emerging audiovisual genres.
  • Podcasting, vodcasting and multimedia file distribution


Rosalba Mancinas Chávez
Universidad de Sevilla
Manuel Jesús Cartes Barroso
Universidad de Sevilla



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